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Enterprise to be a Key Theme at Basara

Tauhid Panji writes about four young Subud entrepreneurs and how enterprise will play an important role at Basara. (more…)

St. Anne’s Project: The Team’s Perspective

Hussein Dickie provides a response to recent commentary along with the project team’s view on the project and ‘lessons learned’. (more…)

Bapak’s Guidance for the Direction of Our Association

An introduction to a thought provoking new paper by Rashad Pollard and Stuart Cooke with the full paper available to download. (more…)

Subud Los Angeles ‘Centerprise’

Hanafi Fraval reports from Los Angeles. After some years of trying, the Subud LA centre is being outwardly revitalised through enterprise. (more…)

Subud Indonesia Forms an Enterprise Company

Pak Suwatna, SES National Chair reports on some exciting recent developments in Indonesia. (more…)

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"So Bapak’s prayer for all of you is: Do not ever cease to think of enterprises. We are already beginning to pioneer the way in this direction. We are beginning to discern the way by which we have to go: the way to happiness for all Subud members who have received the gift of God Almighty through the latihan kejiwaan of Subud."
[81 WOB 5]

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