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Osanna Vaughn to Coordinate Project Showcase at Congress.

SESI Editor Harris Madden reports on a program that will allow Subud members to pitch project ideas / proposals for a share of US $100,000. (more…)

Project Presentations at World Congress: Hadrian Fraval

SESI Chair Hadrian Fraval talks about the background to the major projects initiative the wings will collaborate together on at the World Congress in Freiburg. (more…)

Be Enterprising or be a Host: Hilaria Dette

How to solve the structural deficit of the World Subud Association by the Treasurer of the World Subud Association (more…) $100,000 Target: Hanafi Fraval

Hanafi Fraval tells the story of an initiative to fund WSA (more…)

Kibti Furniture Update: Kibti Martha

In the Projects Showcase at Basara, the Kibti Furniture enterprise in Central Java was awarded a grant of $1,000 to help fund the fulfillment of a contract the business had won. (more…)

Finding the Natural Way: Michael Steed, UK

Michael describes his enterprise in forest conservation and his experience of setting it up. (more…)

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"So Bapak’s prayer for all of you is: Do not ever cease to think of enterprises. We are already beginning to pioneer the way in this direction. We are beginning to discern the way by which we have to go: the way to happiness for all Subud members who have received the gift of God Almighty through the latihan kejiwaan of Subud."
[81 WOB 5]

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