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Noxgear – A Very Lean Startup

By Simon Curran
Around this time 3 years ago my enterprise, Noxgear, was just starting to build and ship our first units to our customers (more…)

The World is the World!

Harris Smart reflects on a video about enterprise from 1997... (more…)

SESI Update

Hadrian Fraval, SESI Chair
It is a question heard being asked at gatherings, or casual conversation; well what has SESI been doing recently? (more…)

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"So Bapak’s prayer for all of you is: Do not ever cease to think of enterprises. We are already beginning to pioneer the way in this direction. We are beginning to discern the way by which we have to go: the way to happiness for all Subud members who have received the gift of God Almighty through the latihan kejiwaan of Subud."
[81 WOB 5]

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