Actually ‘enterprise’ is anything you do, any effort that you make, whose purpose is to meet the needs of your life in this world. In other words, it can be as a film star, a musician, a lawyer, a doctor, a civil sevant, it can be in any field at all; providing that in your work you are able to receive, you are able to do your work with a content, with remembering the guidance of the power of God, as Bapak has just described. (78MEB2)

Subud Enterprises Services International (SESI) is an initiative of the World Subud Association Executive. More information about the spiritual practice of Subud and the Subud organisation can be found at www.subud.com and www.subud.org respectively.The function of SESI is to nurture and facilitate the development of enterprises, both individual and collective, within the worldwide Subud community. Enterprises represent the application of Subud members’ talents and abilities as well as a ‘putting into practice’ of the Subud latihan. Among other things, the purpose of ‘Subud Enterprises’ is to support the growth and development of the Subud organisation and to support charitable and social activities undertaken by the Association and its members for the benefit of mankind.

About this website

The purpose of this website is to provide news about SESI activities and about Subud enterprises. It is also a platform for facilitating SESI’s work. The website is primarily for Subud members. Some general parts of the site are open to the public but other areas require a user to register before they can obtain access. Registration is simple, free and, in most cases, is an immediate process. Only Subud members are entitled to register and have access to all of the site.

About the SESI Chairman

The current Chairman of SESI is Hadrian Fraval. Hadrian has been a Subud member since 1967. During that time he has held a wide variety of roles. He has served as a local, national and international helper. He has also been a group chairman, national chairman, zone representative and World Subud Council Member and a MSF Trustee.

Hadrian is also a long time Subud entrepreneur. After receiving his Doctorate and four years post-doctorate research, he worked with several early Subud businesses including Sinar Enterprise Development Ltd. and Oceans International before moving to Australia in 1985 to join his father Vernon who had founded Rofin Australia P/L in 1978. Hadrian and Rofin have contributed financially to MSF, the WSA and to a wide range of Subud projects and initiatives of individual members. Hadrian lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has six children and 9 grandchildren and counting!