Former Subud member Sahlan Diver's first novel, The Secret Resort Of Nostalgia, shortlisted for the international Yeovil Literary Festival 2017, has now been published. The novel makes a number of references to Subud, though not by name, and the key idea promoted in the book, the idea of enterprise in...

At World Congress, Irwan Wyllie of NSW, Australia, presented the Cooperlink project to the SESI $100,000 Fund on behalf of Mursalin New, who was unable to come to Freiburg. The project was awarded $4924

During World Congress, on August 5th, twenty projects out of the original 49 were chosen as finalists for the $100,000 Project Fund submission process. These finalists had the opportunity to present themselves and their project ideas for a second time; this time, however, they were on the larger stage of the Subud Village Auditorium, in front of the jury and a full crowd of Subud members.