At World Congress, Irwan Wyllie of NSW, Australia, presented the Cooperlink project to the SESI $100,000 Fund on behalf of Mursalin New, who was unable to come to Freiburg. The project was awarded $4924

During World Congress, on August 5th, twenty projects out of the original 49 were chosen as finalists for the $100,000 Project Fund submission process. These finalists had the opportunity to present themselves and their project ideas for a second time; this time, however, they were on the larger stage of the Subud Village Auditorium, in front of the jury and a full crowd of Subud members.

Hadrian asked all the young people who received funding at the Basara project showcase to describe the outcome and their experience as a result. Guillaume, Anwar, Audrey & Rosalia, Hamdan, Osanne, Elias and Kibti had a chance to respond this time around. In the lead up to the $100,000 Project Showcase...