(C)enterprising Stories Subud Portugal’s Co-work Space Plans

(C)enterprising Stories Subud Portugal’s Co-work Space Plans

An inspiring story of determination and a desire to create a shared space for the group – from Anali Lopes, chairlady for Subud Portugal. Here is the ‘before’ floorplan …

We are trying to set a Centerprise Project at Lisbon Subud House: a Cowork Place where freelancers, associations and small companies can work on their projects while using and renting our Subud space when latihan is not scheduled.

We’ve been paying a loan to the bank and it will finish in May 2022. Recently we had a great push from a local donor of 20,000€ to reduce our quarterly struggle. Before we used to pay 5300€ to the bank but now it has come down to 2700€ quarterly.

Zone 3 donated 1300€ to us last month so we could buy 5 new windows and fire extinguishers.

We still need to improve some aspects of the Subud house to be more efficient and spacious for coworking, and for the growth of the Lisbon group and Subud members´ entrepreneurship. The full budget of the needed renovations is estimated to be 4000€, and the group is committed to raising that money. Here are the proposed renovations.

If you are interested in in supporting us by donating to help us reach our 4000€ renovation target then please contact Anali Lopes, chairlady for Subud Portugal at anali_lay@hotmail.com

If you want to start a Centerprise, join the SubudSpaces.Slack.com website and get heaps of information and support on how to do it and then manage it, including a template checklist for planned building maintenance budgeting, a business plan, a marketing strategy, a housing handbook, sample agreements, etc.

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