Here’s How It Can Be Done Inspiring Centreprises

Here’s How It Can Be Done Inspiring Centreprises


Subud Britain purchased an old Church Hall in 1971 for the Muswell Hill Subud group which has now home for a thriving Subud Barnet. Today there are 15 women and 7 men.
The large hall accommodates 120 people, the upstairs hall 30 people, and one meeting room 13 people. Supporting this are the usual amenities, such as a basic kitchen, toilets, and storerooms. There is a small backyard space. The Subud symbol is featured on the front façade and garden. There is also signage indicating that halls are available for hire.

The property is not branded, although the centerprise is named Venue Space Hire (VSH). It is mainly rented out to regular users, such as churches and instructors of various classes – dancing, yoga, Tae Kwon Do, and Pilates. VSH, run by chair Irina Psculovska and letting manager Luda Terrochaire, was set up to make use of unused time slots, and these one-off events require careful supervision.VSH pays a monthly rental to Subud Barnet. The rental rates are reasonably in line with local market rates.

The centerprise promotes itself through two websites and Facebook (see below). In addition, they advertise on free sites, such as,,,, and

Income is around £50,000 ($63,400) per year, with costs of £36,000 for cleaning, maintenance, lettings management, repairs, all utility bills, insurance, and commercial waste.

Read more and watch a slideshow of the facilities and rentals …

When asked how the Subud organization or others could help, Irina felt that the best way would be for everyone in other groups to manage their finances sensibly, and keep out of debt without requesting money from centerprises for the maintenance of other buildings.

Committee members and hall managers are invited to join the website, where they will find useful information and resources on managing a Subud center, including a template checklist for planned building-maintenance budgeting, a business plan, a marketing strategy, a housing handbook, sample agreements, etc. To join, contact Raynard von Hahn, who can send you an invitation.

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