Kibti Furniture Update: Kibti Martha

Kibti Furniture Update: Kibti Martha

In the Projects Showcase at Basara, the Kibti Furniture enterprise in Central Java was awarded a grant of $1,000 to help fund the fulfillment of a contract the business had won.

Kibti Furniture has assisted the local Jepara Subud group to build a latihan hall as well as helping Subud youth attend events like Basara and the Indonesian National Congress.

Kibti Furniture also returned the grant after it had fulfilled the contract so that the funds could be passed on to another group of grant recipients, Osanne Delcourt & friends, who will use it to produce a performance at World Congress 2018.

This is kibti, youth participate on BASARA

As the committed us that grant will be send back after project kibti furniture finish.

Thank you very much for the grant and kibti furniture very blessing after that.

As our commitment we will give back grant soon to Robby [to pass on].

The grant most valuable and meaning full from that profit from kibti furniture could be share to develop at hall room of Jepara and now to participate donation for National Gathering Youth Subud Indonesia on 21-22 October 2017.

And also we will send the report for evaluation of kibti furniture enterprise news. Now we have business relation with Design Ideas from USA.

We inform also our chairman of group subud jepara and 2,5 million rupiah we donate to renovation of hall room subud jepara.

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