Thinking About Starting A Centreprise Business?

Thinking About Starting A Centreprise Business?

A property rental business is a fairly simple type of business. And most people will do just fine in running such a business. There is no magic to hall rentals. The important thing is to just get started and work together harmoniously. You’ll learn by doing. Once the business starts bringing in money, the hall rentals team will figure out other ways for it to make even more money.

Here are some factors to consider from Raynard von Hahn –

Are there members in your group who are entrepreneurial or who are willing to learn about entrepreneurship?
And what about your Subud house? Is it in a good location?
What types of tenants could your house attract? And how much would tenants potentially pay for using the space?
Who would be the ideal tenants for your building? And what would be the best way to market to them? Do you need a website?
Does your corporate structure and do local laws allow your Subud group to engage in business and property rental activities?
If you have satisfactory answers to these questions, then your group may be in a good position to start and run a successful hall rental business. On the other hand, if your Subud house has no rental potential, then perhaps it should be sold and the proceeds used to purchase a more suitable building.

For more information, join the website on how to manage a Subud center, including a template checklist for planned building maintenance budgeting, a business plan, a marketing strategy, a housing handbook, sample agreements, etc.

To join, contact Raynard von Hahn SubudSpaces(at)gmail .com

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