UPDATE SESI $100,000 Project Fund

UPDATE SESI $100,000 Project Fund

During the 2018 World Congress in Freiburg, around 50 projects were presented in a bid to receive funds from the SESI $100,000 Project Fund. After a lengthy, in-depth process, the courageous jury (Hammond Peek, Mauricio Castillo, Imke Wolf-Diettinchem, Myrna Jelmann and Andrew Holloway) distributed the funds between 19 projects.

As this was a multi-wing undertaking, the projects ranged from three purely social ones (no income expected) and six social enterprises (not-for-profit), to ten full enterprises covering a broad range of activities.

Since the congress, the projects have reported on a regular basis. Many of those reports in full have been posted on SWN and on the SESI website. On the occasion of the World Subud Council meeting in Jakarta in October 2019, I put together a brief summary of the current status of the 19 initiatives. It was delightful for me to realise that most of them have developed along the intended lines, while only a small number are a bit delayed or on hold.

Charitable/social projects, where no profit is expected:

Wawa Illari – Illene Pevec: $6000

This project aimed to help young children of marginalised families in poor communities in Peru to achieve a better life, setting up community and home gardens, teaching about mindful nutrition, and introducing the International Child Development Program (ICDP). The project was completed in December 2018. A full report is available and there have been updates on www.subudworldnews.com, and the SESI and SDIA websites.

Venezuela Food Project – Henrietta Haines: $3000

The project continues making shipments of food to Venezuela, and has received a matching grant from SDIA. The effort also receives support from US members through different fundraising initiatives. Some of the key people involved at the Venezuelan end have been able to move abroad, but the food is still very welcome among those who remain.

Teen Video Project – Emmanuel Williams: $2500

The aim is to produce a series of short, inspiring videos for teenage girls to counter the destructive material put out on social media. The project advances slowly and not all the money has been used yet. A full report is available.

Social projects hoping to produce an income to support the project itself or other charitable/social projects:

Maturanahaus – Robina Limanski: $5900

The funds received were put towards further educational training for staff members. Two staff members registered for Montessori training, one is looking for an Outdoor Education course. One staff member attended the introductory course for Original Play training. (Two report available)

Atalanta – Dahlan Foah: $3500

Atalanta’s cooperative orchard garden continues to develop well, providing 17 families with fresh produce and surplus going to the local food bank. General fundraising efforts have continued resulting in the purchase of table height garden beds, orchard trees and the upgrade of the solar system and water delivery systems. More details in www.subudworldnews.com

Anisha Tourism Enterprise – Valli Krishnaswamy: $6000

Good progress has been made on renovating and improving the quality of the visitor accommodation at the Anisha Centre in India. Renovations were completed in April 2019, with Valli regularly sending updates. This project received additional private funding from a Subud member. See articles in www.subudworldnews.com

Kalimantan Goal Project – Bachrun Bustillo: $7554

This project has been very busy over the past year, expanding its football and other activities in Kalimantan. It updates regularly on instagram and other social media, and works in collaboration with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) in Kalimantan. (Reports available, also on www.subudworldnews.com)

RDC Pharmacy – Hamida Thomas: $6285

The idea was for the pharmacies to be a source of income to support health projects in the RDC. This project received additional funding from a Subud member. SD Congo currently operates 4 community health and hospital centers. These four health and hospital centers currently each operate a pharmacy and the project is designed to improve quality and service, lower costs and create value for SD and Subud in the Congo. Full report available.

Eco Camp Retreat Project – Stephen Armytage: $3500

The proposal was for SES to help support the establishment of the programme curriculum and physical infrastructure for the first phase of the eco camp retreat, by helping us to fund volunteers and experts to provide assistance and, in return, we proposed to pay the SES funds back with interest. We are very pleased to confirm that we are now in a position to return these fund with interest to SESI. Full report available.

Profit-making enterprises:

7Computer – Suteja Rifai Indra: $3000

Shortly after returning to Indonesia after congress, Suteja had a motorbike accident and broke his collarbone. This put his project somewhat on hold. However, his business continues to grow. Among other things, he takes care of the set-ups in the BCU school computer room.

Balodana – Dana Todd: $3000

The funds given to this project were just a token of SESI’s support, as this fashion project has been set up on a very large scale. The Balodana site (www.balodana.com) has been launched and now has eleven designers producing made-to-measure clothing for their clients. Articles in www.subudworldnews.com and the SESI website.

Cooperlink – Co-op Link – Mursalin New: $4924

The original plan to set up an interactive website for member’s enterprises and projects has turned out to be non-viable due to inherent limitations in the website format (Weebly) and the range of app options available. Most of the funds are still available, awaiting discussion with Gaye Thavisin during the WSC meeting.

Beautiful World CD Project – Frances Madden: $17500

The funds received allowed Frances to complete the recording of her new CD in top quality. Her agent is currently negotiating deals in Australia and Japan. The US and Europe are planned as a next step. This project received additional funding from a Subud member. Articles in www.subudworldnews.com and the SESI website.

Off Trail Diary – Guillaume Sanchez: $2000

The money was invested in video equipment to document Guillaume’s travel adventures. The first was to Nepal. Video Nepal Trails of Wonder, to be released imminently on YouTube. The gear (microphones, drone, sturdy tripod, etc.) has also allowed Guillaume to start a part-time, freelance business producing videos for various entities. Articles in www.subudworldnews.com and the SESI website. Report available.

Playscape – Sofyan Tsang: $5000

The multi-media, PlayScape-Interstellar playground was opened on December 20th, 2018 at the Gandaria City Mall in South Jakarta. Unfortunately, despite having a year’s contract for the location, the Mall broke the agreement, so the project’s future became unclear for a while; however, in the meantime, two new venues were found, so that there are now two Playscape locations. An initial report was posted in www.subudworldnews.com and the SESI website. A full update is expected.

Beyond Basara – Peter Jenkins: $4500

The name of this project evolved to Quest Communiversity, offering ten-day modules at pop-up campuses at our major Subud Centres around the world, open to the general public. The team behind this has been reporting regularly as ideas have evolved and are being nailed down. A Facilitator Training Camp specifically for this project, will be held at the Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat in Australia, at the end of the year. Various articles in www.subudworldnews.com

Proyecto Kasira – Cristina Garzon: $5437

This enterprise aims to produce a line of teas and products aimed at improving one’s quality of life. Among other steps, since congress, the company has been legally set up; the Kasira brand has been developed, with marketing studies and analysis; and samples have been sent to laboratories, awaiting the necessary approval before they can be sold commercially. The full report will be completed in the near future. In the meantime, a partial report exists in Spanish and will be translated.

Rara Studio Ceramics – Alica Rose Tibbs: $5900

The funds allowed Alica to acquire her own kiln and slab roller, which has allowed her to significantly increase production with more flexibility. Having her own equipment has also allowed Alica to start teaching at her studio. Articles in www.subudworldnews.com and the SESI website.

Urban Tiny Homes – Susannah Rosenthal: $4500

The project was grated a token support, as the whole project is on a very large scale. Part of the money was used for an initial survey, which has been completed and shows serious interest. Another part was used to commission architectural sketches. So far around half of the funded amount has been spent, and Susannah will use the remaining $2000 to finish the visuals needed for the survey.

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