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Dana Todd, opened in San Diego and currently a helper at the Subud centre in Chicago, submitted a project, Balodana, for the SESI $100,000 Project Fund at World Congress in Freiburg. She received support in the amount of $3000. (more…)


During World Congress, on August 5th, twenty projects out of the original 49 were chosen as finalists for the $100,000 Project Fund submission process. These finalists had the opportunity to present themselves and their project ideas for a second time; this time, however, they were on the larger stage of the Subud Village Auditorium, in front of the jury and a full crowd of Subud members. (more…)

SESI 2014 to 2018 – Outgoing Chairman, Hadrian Fraval, writes

SESI was given a mandate at the 2014 Puebla Congress, which is on record, and was a continuation of the previous SESI to encourage Subud members to increase their activity in Enterprise. Previously the focus had been to establish large Enterprises which could fund WSA. During our term we had a dual approach: continue encouraging individuals to establish their own Enterprise of a Subud member and, secondly, to make an effort to establish a large Enterprise. (more…)

SESI Awards for Humanitarian Work

Bapak suggested that in Subud, our social and humanitarian work should be funded by profit-making enterprises run by Subud members. So the relationship between Enterprise and Social work has always been key to achieving results for our fellow human beings. (more…)

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Enterprises at the 2018 World Congress

SESI Chair Hadrian Fraval outlines how to get involved and to present your enterprise at Freiburg – including some excellent display opportunities for those interested. (more…)

The $100,000 Projects Fund

Get ready to pitch your enterprise or not-for-profit project at Congress. Projects associated with any of the wings are welcome. By Osanna Vaughn. (more…)

Subud Enterprise Goes Into Orbit

A sneak peek at a new app invested in by Usaha Mulia BV that will launch in Freiburg. (more…)

Simple Ways to be a Contributor Towards an Enterprising World Congress

Believe in the importance of enterprise? Hadrian outlines six simple ways how you could make a difference in Freiburg. (more…)

Inclusion – Unity and More

Osanna wonders if to some extent we may have forgotten the role of enterprise? (more…)

A Women’s Enterprise Hub at Freiberg

Calling all Women Entrepreneurs, Kalimantan pioneer Gay Thavisin would love to get you all together at Congress and form a network that stays together afterwards. (more…)

After Basara

Hadrian asked all the young people who received funding at the Basara project showcase to describe the outcome and their experience as a result. Guillaume, Anwar, Audrey & Rosalia, Hamdan, Osanne, Elias and Kibti had a chance to respond this time around. (more…)

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"So Bapak’s prayer for all of you is: Do not ever cease to think of enterprises. We are already beginning to pioneer the way in this direction. We are beginning to discern the way by which we have to go: the way to happiness for all Subud members who have received the gift of God Almighty through the latihan kejiwaan of Subud."
[81 WOB 5]

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