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SESI Issue 5 published

The latest issue of SESI news has been published. News about: the Council meeting in Jakarta, Centerprises, new SESI partners, Bapak’s advice about enterprises, Subud Women in enterprises and a new Subud Experts listing. You can read it here. If you are not on our mailing list, but would like to be, sign up now.

Kasira SA

The aim:
To create a brand of teas and healthy products that generate a better quality of life in 2020.

Sub aim:
Distribute Kasira teas through the various channels of distribution in Ecuador by 2020

Project summary
In 2018-2019 we decided to create the Kasira products according to Andean concepts that help bring about a better quality of life. (more…)

UPDATE SESI $100,000 Project Fund

During the 2018 World Congress in Freiburg, around 50 projects were presented in a bid to receive funds from the SESI $100,000 Project Fund. After a lengthy, in-depth process, the courageous jury (Hammond Peek, Mauricio Castillo, Imke Wolf-Diettinchem, Myrna Jelmann and Andrew Holloway) distributed the funds between 19 projects.

As this was a multi-wing undertaking, the projects ranged from three purely social ones (no income expected) and six social enterprises (not-for-profit), to ten full enterprises covering a broad range of activities.

Since the congress, the projects have reported on a regular basis. Many of those reports in full have been posted on SWN and on the SESI website. On the occasion of the World Subud Council meeting in Jakarta in October 2019, I put together a brief summary of the current status of the 19 initiatives. It was delightful for me to realise that most of them have developed along the intended lines, while only a small number are a bit delayed or on hold.


Check out the Articles

Check out the articles page for the latest stories on projects that were recipients of monies from the SESI $100,000 Project Fund last summer...

SES Reps… and Artists!


We need your contact details to help spread the news. I was talking to the Chair of Subud Indonesia and he was amazed that two people (myself and my co-chair Hammond Peek) could complete the task of representing SESI in 80 countries. We can’t possibly! We want to build a strong SES (Subud Enterprise Services) network of reps at the national level around the world. We want to share the amazing enterprises of members all over the world, with the aim of building active enterprise directories and panels of experts and mentors. This Newsletter is seeking articles, photos and input from you to share around the world. Articles can be submitted in other languages if necessary. Next issue we will be looking at SUBUD UK. (more…)

Our First Success

Last summer in Freiburg, 19 projects received monies from the $100,000 Project Fund. Some of them are now reporting back (the schedule is different fo each project), as we have been posting here.

Just today, we heard from Aliça Bryson Haynes, who submitted a request to purchase a kiln and a slab roller. She received $5900 from the fund for the kiln. She writes:

"My ceramics business, RARA Studio, is going extremely well! I have got the kiln and it's already saving a huge amount of time and money!" (more…)

Goals for the Next Four Years

SESI Co-chairs, Hammond Peek and Gaye Thavisin, write:

Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI) – our vision and goals for the next 4 years 2018-2022

Vision: To improve the financial strength of our Subud organisation over the 4 years of our term.

1. To actively support new and existing Subud enterprises and projects with advice, mentoring, funding, promotion and follow-up. (more…)

Enterprise Revolving Project Fund

SESI Co-chairs, Hammond Peek and Gaye Thavisin, write:

The Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI) Project Fund idea was first launched at the Basara Youth Gathering in Kalimantan, late 2015, early 2016, and distributed $10,000 among approximately 10 projects. Following this positive experience, the former SESI team organised the very successful, exciting and well received $100,000 Project Fund for the World Congress in Freiburg, where 19 projects (out of 49 projects submitted) ended up receiving support.

Taking advantage of the momentum created at congress, the new SESI team wants to further the idea by creating a new fund. However this new initiative will concentrate exclusively on ‘enterprise’ projects, and aims to make it a revolving fund, where enterprises that have been supported will repay the amount received back into the fund. Beyond that, we hope that the enterprises would also make an effort to support WSA/Subud as a whole into the future. In this manner, these enterprises would begin to fulfill one of the roles that Bapak set for enterprise in general.

For this reason, we have decided to call this initiative the Enterprise Revolving Project Fund, and our first goal is to fundraise a minimum of $50,000 for this purpose. We did in fact, launch the idea rather casually at World Congress, without either of us yet fully understanding the relationship between SESI and Usaha Mulia BV; yet, even so, we collected pledges for over 10% of this amount, which makes us confident that the general idea of supporting each other in our entrepreneurial endeavours, is favoured by many. (more…)

The Venezuela Food Project

Last year, Henrietta Haines of California learnt about the dire circumstances of the Subud members in Venezuela - due to the crisis the country has fallen into, they were literally close to starving. She launched the Venzuela Food Project that initially focussed on sending them relief food. As she wrote in her submission to the SESI $100,000 Project Fund at World Congress, her goals were basic: "To send as many quality calories as I could. To choose foods that would form complete plant proteins. To send food for each and every member of our members' families. That there would be no administrative charges and transportation costs would be kept as low as possible."

The first shipment went in June 2017 and the most recent of five was in May 2018 - mainly black beans and rice. Beyond these simple beginnings the idea of developing urban farming in Caracas emerged, with a keen interest and commitment from members in the city. To continue developing this initiative, Henrietta received $3000 from the Project Fund in Freiburg. You can read Herietta's project proposal here: VenezuelaFoodProject

In a recent email updating us on the current even more difficult situation, Henrietta wrote:

"...Right after Congress the political crises in Venezuela escalated beyond all reasonable expectation. Inflation there grew to an unimaginable 500,000%. Hunger grew and Venezuelans were streaming out of the country in large numbers. For our project this exodus was personal and specific. Two of the very involved leaders left Caracas. One who had earlier been with us in the United States and inspired the project, left Caracas for Canada. Another went to Argentina and an additional member accompanied her to help the family get settled. Communications stumbled. And because the internet has become increasingly unreliable the situation is very difficult. We are still struggling to rebuild the blossoming relationships we had before.

Will this stop our project? No it will not. Another shipment of food will go out this week. It will include the staples we have sent before and also some newly requested items.

No money has been spent during this slowdown. The funds are safe in a dedicated bank account. Now we will see what happens as we begin again. I am praying that this is the slowdown before new growth. We are all grateful for the generosity of SESI and we will not squander the gift."

Anyone interested in communicating with Henrietta about this project can write to her at

Enterprise in the Service of Humanity

Former Subud member Sahlan Diver's first novel, The Secret Resort Of Nostalgia, shortlisted for the international Yeovil Literary Festival 2017, has now been published. The novel makes a number of references to Subud, though not by name, and the key idea promoted in the book, the idea of enterprise in the service of humanity, owes a debt to Subud.

Details and purchase links on this web page:

The web page also offers a free sample of Sahlan's second novel, For The Love Of Alison, which has already received a favourable pre-publication review. Both books feature striking cover designs by Subud member and professional artist Marcus Bolt.

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

"Intelligent, highly imaginative, and gripping, The Secret Resort Of Nostalgia by Sahlan Diver is one of those novels that will appeal to fans of mystery crafted with a good dose of suspense. Twenty-two-year-old Mike Denning has just graduated from England and has landed a great job at the perfect location, a remote island off the coast of Ireland. The weather is perfect, as are his pay and everything, including the wonderful views. Plus he has a boss who is beautiful and young and free. But there is a sinister eeriness about the place that gives Mike the creeps. He can't understand why half of the island is fenced off. The town's only connection with the outside world is through the use of an old telegraph. As Mike begins to check out the oddities of this beautiful place, he notices that he is being watched. But it is just the beginning of an unending nightmare. Can he get off this cursed island?"

Read more of this review and others.

Why So Much??

With $17,500, Frances Madden’s CD Project was the recipient of the by far largest chunk of funds from the $SESI 100,000 Project Fund at the 15th World Congress in Freiburg. A number of others also received the full amount, but were considerably less in comparison.

Since then, a number of people have been curious as to why this project in particular received so much. As I myself was not a member of the jury, I asked a couple of them - specifically Andrew Holloway and Hammond Peek - to give me some feedback to share with the curious. I summarise here:

Frances Madden has the solid beginnings of a music career in Australia already under her belt, and is now ready to move into the US market. She has upped her professional support, including a US producer in Nashville, Tennessee. Her budget for recording a new album is $60,000, of which Frances and her family had already raised a significant portion. $20,000 was what she requested from the Fund.

Jury member Hammond Peek writes:

“The judges noted that Frances was already receiving solid, professional, experienced input from her Australian and USA producer contacts, and thus we agreed that with a full album, rather than with just a few tracks, she would stand a far better chance of breaking into the lucrative US music market, thus we awarded her $17,500.”

Frances received an additional $2500 anonymous donation towards the project.

Considering Frances’s proven, professional commitment to her music, as well as her involvement with and commitment to Subud, the jury decided that this was certainly one project with real potential that would benefit from major support.

Frances has just returned to Australia from Nashville and writes:

"With the help of the SESI grant, which I was awarded at congress in July, I’m very excited to be going into the studio mid-December to complete the recording of my second studio album. I’ve recently just returned from a self-funded trip to Nashville Tennessee, where I spent 8 days writing with two well-established songwriters. We worked on current and new material for the album and I also experienced my first Thanks-giving true Southern style! It was a productive trip and one of the resulting songs is on the list of contenders for the album.
In the next two weeks I’ll be travelling between Sydney and Melbourne, working with my producer Chong Lim on refining musical arrangements and rehearsing the band. We’ll then be recording the bulk of the tracks in Sydney and Melbourne between 16th and 23rd December. After a break over Christmas we will continue adding extra instruments and overdubs (backing vocals, horns) and do the mixing, with the hope of finishing everything by late January. We’ll then shop the album to a few record labels with the help of a few industry contacts and aim to release in May / June 2019.
I’m so grateful to SESI for their support and making this project possible. I’m very excited to work with the great team we have assembled and can’t wait to share the new music with everyone."

Atalanta – a Recipient From the SESI $100,000 Project Fund


Since the Subud World Congress in Freiburg, much has been happening with the Atalanta project. We would like to share what we are up to in addition to the use of our $3500 grant money received from the SESI $100,000 Project Fund.

Summer 2018 proved to be another successful growing season for the cooperative orchard garden, providing 17 families with fresh produce and surplus going to the local food bank. Atalanta is in the middle of their second annual SeedMoney fundraiser. Last year over $2000 dollars was raised which helped purchase table height garden beds, orchard trees and upgrade the solar system and water delivery systems. Funds from this years campaign will be used to improve paths and the footing under the raised accessible garden beds for a solid, firm, level surface for gardeners of all abilities.

Additional grant money would be used to improve our solar well and gravity feed drip irrigation system. You can view this ongoing campaign by visiting

We had two wonderful educational interactions with Colorado College faculty and students with the theme of environment and spirituality. Students were hosted by various spiritual groups and then they and their hosts had a sharing and discussion presentation and luncheon. Each session was very special and rewarding.

Atalanta provided equine therapy over a weekend in August to survivors of a mass shooting. It was a moving, uplifting experience. We will continue to work with therapists and groups to provide this service.

For the full report, please click here.

WSA Chair Nahum Harlap Shares His Thoughts on Centerprises

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been three months now since the world congress, and the new WSA team has been extremely busy getting to grips with our new roles. Most of our time has been spent on the current and 2019 budgets. I shall spare you the details, but the big picture is not pretty.

The missing ingredient, and it has been missing for a while, are Subud-owned enterprises (as opposed to enterprises owned by individuals) that would generate the necessary income for us to be able to provide the services expected of us.

The history of Subud-owned enterprises is sad. It would probably be true to say that we were tempted by the power of the latihan to believe that we are infallible, and we tried to run before we even learned to crawl, with some painful results. The conclusion of most Subud members was to stay away from Subud-owned enterprises altogether.

But, in reality, many groups are involved in an enterprise whether they perceive it this way or not:

Please read Nahum's full message here


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