19 Projects Received Funding

19 Projects Received Funding

During World Congress, on August 5th, twenty projects out of the original 49 were chosen as finalists for the $100,000 Project Fund submission process. These finalists had the opportunity to present themselves and their project ideas for a second time; this time, however, they were on the larger stage of the Subud Village Auditorium, in front of the jury and a full crowd of Subud members.

After this session, the jury had to once again sit together and further deliberate. The initial idea had been to reduce the twenty projects to around 12 fund recipients. However, as the jury worked together, following more than just their intellectual guidance (!), they came to the happy conclusion that they would be able to divvy up financial support to all the remaining finalists. This meant 19 projects, as one of the finalists had withdrawn following changed, professional circumstances.

Thus it was a very happy group of finalists who each had their name(s) called onto the Auditorium stage on the afternoon of August 7th. Though they did not all receive the full amount requested, the SESI team and jury members hope that they are all satisfied, as we are confident that those who received less have the capacity to move their projects ahead successfully anyway. See all the recipients here.

In addition to the funds received from SESI, two projects received additional funding from an anonymous donor.

Our sincere congratulations to all the recipients, as well as all the proposers and their amazing endeavours. Anyone interested in the full list of projects and contact details submitted to this fund can drop me a line at osanna@subudworldnews.com

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