A Women’s Enterprise Hub at Freiberg

A Women’s Enterprise Hub at Freiberg

Calling all Women Entrepreneurs, Kalimantan pioneer Gay Thavisin would love to get you all together at Congress and form a network that stays together afterwards.

Dear all enterprising women in Subud. Would you like to have a special place to meet, to present your unique businesses, to mentor and encourage others, to share insights, challenges and victories, to link with like enterprises, and get to know each other at Congress?

If you would, and you have ideas on how it could work, whether it’s more organic and grows with the occasion or needs a structure, let’s gather names and get discussing!

Depending on space at the SESI area, we could have regular drop in coffee mornings, we could have a display of women’s enterprises, we could run forums, keep a table with information about the amazing depth of women’s activities, or even arrange excursions. What are your ideas?

Are you interested to join in? My email is gaye.thavisin@gmail.com

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