SESI Awards for Humanitarian Work

SESI Awards for Humanitarian Work

Bapak suggested that in Subud, our social and humanitarian work should be funded by profit-making enterprises run by Subud members. So the relationship between Enterprise and Social work has always been key to achieving results for our fellow human beings.

The Awards in recognition of the commitment of entrepreneurs to supporting Subud’s social and human work were presented by Hadrian Fraval, outgoing chairman of SESI, at an event during the World Congress in Freiburg.

“Tonight, we remember the inspiration that Bapak gave us and the message that Subud Enterprises should lead the way in supporting Subud’s social and humanitarian work,” Hadrian began. “Tonight, we honour the spirit of Entrepreneurship and the deep commitment of Subud entrepreneurs to take into account the well-being of the communities whose lives they touch. We remember the example set by the Board of PTSW in the 1990s, which allocated $50,000 a year to supporting SDIA and its efforts to fund the social work of Subud members around the world.”

One of the entrepreneurs acknowledged was Isaac Goff, the founder of Dharma Trading, whose very successful business has been committed to supporting social projects for many years now. Through the proceeds of their business, Isaac and Renee Goff have helped thousands of children achieve a better life, through access to needed healthcare and education. However, Isaac and Renee were unable to attend congress, so Issac sent a messages with images and words, which he hopes may inspire others.

You can watch Isaac’s full message at:

Photo: Isaac in the centre with son Sampson on the left and David on the right

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