Appeal to Subud Enterprises and entrepreneurs for support to the WSA 2019 Budget

One of the aims for our new SESI team is to make every effort to encourage members in the area of enterprise, to take action to express the guidance, talent and graces received through their years of doing latihan. ‘Putting the latihan into practice’, as Bapak used to say.

Our hope is that, with time, at least some of our enterprises will be successful and start to support the WSA budget.

In the meantime, however, the new WSA Executive team needs to put together the WSA budget for 2019, making this urgent appeal to members and enterprises necessary right now.

For this reason, we are attaching an enterprises pledge form that we ask you to fill out and return to us by the end of October, 2018. PLEDGE FORM WSA2019

Your support is very much appreciated.

Hammond Peek
Gaye Thavisin
SESI Co-chairs

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