At World Congress, Irwan Wyllie of NSW, Australia, presented the Cooperlink project to the SESI $100,000 Fund on behalf of Mursalin New, who was unable to come to Freiburg. The project was awarded $4924

Since then, it has been full steam ahead with the project, as Mursalin himself reports:

Following a survey of our founding members, our project has been (unanimously) renamed co-oplink. The new website is: . The site is live but still under construction, with posts being moved from the previous site. I have been liaising with Susannah Rosenthal about website building and we expect to get it more polished and interactive as we move forward.

We have made an arrangement with the Beyond Basara team to host their new ‘Communiversity’ initiative webpage within the co-oplink platform, at: We would like to offer this type of hosting service to various other Subud members’ projects as well.

Our proposal to establish the administrative co-op has been submitted to the govt. and we have received approval for the draft ‘rules’. (This was originally submitted under the name Cooperlink Co-op Ltd, but we have requested a change to Co-op Link Ltd.) Once the name change is approved, we will have the formal members meeting to approve the co-op ‘rules’ and appoint the Board – and then the registration can be finalized.

We have set up a new temporary email address: This will soon be replaced with a series of website related email address in the form: …
(The old email addresses will be linked to this, so they will still work) Will let you know as soon as this is in place.

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