Goals for the Next Four Years

Goals for the Next Four Years

SESI Co-chairs, Hammond Peek and Gaye Thavisin, write:

Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI) – our vision and goals for the next 4 years 2018-2022

Vision: To improve the financial strength of our Subud organisation over the 4 years of our term.

1. To actively support new and existing Subud enterprises and projects with advice, mentoring, funding, promotion and follow-up.

2. To setup a resource (a ‘Services Directory’) of Subud advisors/mentors/experts to assist new and existing Subud enterprises and entrepreneurs.

3. To monitor, support and regularly report about the 19 projects that received funding from the SESI $100k Project Fund given out at World Congress 2018 in Freiburg

4. To setup and run an ongoing ‘SESI Revolving Project Fund’ aimed at supporting enterprise initiatives that then replenish the fund. Our first goal is to raise a minimum of $50,000 (at time of writing US$5,500 has already been pledged to this Revolving Project Fund).

5. To approach and encourage Subud enterprises and entrepreneurs to donate to:

  • WSA – to support the continuing activities of our World Subud Association
  • SESI – (via Usaha Mulia BV) to support the development of Subud enterprises – that eventually may feed money back to support further enterprises and the activities of the WSA

6. To work with existing Centerprises, and help establish new Centerprises by building a database of information/advice/advisors/mentors/experts to help Subud centres establish or expand their own Subud centerprises, to generate funds to support themselves, their national organisations, and the WSA programs.

7. To communicate actively, effectively and in an engaging way what is happening within SESI, and Subud enterprises around the world by:

  • Updating the SESI website regularly with current and interesting news, articles and resources (www.subudenterprise.com)
  • Making our monthly SESI E-news interesting, chatty and exciting to read for our 4,000+ newsletter readership

8. To work with the group, national and zonal SES representatives to create an “inspiring force”.

9. To encourage the implementation of Large Projects, as encouraged by Bapak, with the objective of members working  in harmony for the benefit of SUBUD.

Gaye Thavisin
Hammond Peek
SESI Co-Chairs
E: sesi.cochairs@subud.org

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