Kalimantan Goal Project

Kalimantan Goal Project

Kalimantan – September 2019

Activities Report


During the last 12 months BFIA and YUM activities have been growing significantly providing more services to hundreds of children in Kalimantan.

BFIA New Campus

Additionally, BFIA has joined efforts with more than 15 local schools to promote the practice of football in the region through the project “Reaching beyond the Game”.

School SMP5- Palangkaraya

With this new project, presently in Pilot phase, the BFIA has now more than 1200 children participating in all its programs. This project has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by students, parents, teachers and principals and based on the good results of the pilot project the BFIF is currently seeking funds to extend this work to more schools.

Besides the football trainings the program provides mentoring and education so the children may understand the benefits of the football practice, the importance of being a team player, the rules of the game, the different elements involved in the sport practice, etc. Through this activity and with the inclusion of the English terms through the Basic English program the BFIA aims to motivate children and youth to engage in English learning as a way to complete the formal education.

Borneo Football also delivers educational workshops in the areas of Health & Nutrition and Conservation which are core programs of the Foundation.
Meanwhile, YUM (Yayasan Usaha Mulia – Foundation for Noble Work) keeps offering numerous vocational training courses to more than 650 students every year and also
works in partnership with numerous schools in the area.

YUM Vocational Training Center – Graduation Day

Additionally is running other projects like clean water, sanitation, organic farming amongst

Market Research

From October 2018 to February 2019 BFIA and YUM did an extensive Market Research. The idea was to cover as much as possible schools in Indonesia and Singapore that could
become potential customers . These surveys also included football academies and clubs. More than 150 institutions are now in our database as potential participants in the Summer
Camps activities.

Cita Buana School Visit – April 2019


  • Program(s) structure design: The first draft of the structure of the program is ready and during the months of April and May we had the opportunity to test some of
    the components inviting several local schools to participate including a school based in Jakarta. Our Program includes Summer Camps and Edu tourism activities and the plan is to have packages from 3 to 7 days where the students can practice football and participate in tournaments, tourism and community service activities.
  • Marketing material design and the production of promotional videos, posters, and brochures: During April and June we had two photo-video workshops with the assistance of a professional filmmaker from a local TV channel . The aim was to collect enough quality images. The design and production of promotional material is still in process.
  • Launch in social media and website update : Our Market Research took longer than expected so all the activities schedule have been delayed. One of the main difficulties at the moment is that the current situation in Kalimantan does not provide the right conditions to launch a promotional campaign in social media.

Promotion and Sales

Establishing a network for promotion and sales in Indonesia and Singapore. One of the reasons to dedicate more time doing the Market Research was to look and identify potential partners interested to work with us and assist with the promotion of our project. Perhaps the most relevant contact at the moment is the one with “La Liga” representatives in Asia who invited us to present BFIA as initial step for a possible partnership. La Liga is the organization that runs the professional league in Spain and after the English Premier League it is the most important football championship in the world.

Trial Football Camps & Edu tourism

Trials implementation : These probably will take place in January – March 2020. An important aspect to launch this project is the development of BFIA new campus which could have some delays due the extended dry season during this year.

Download the report here : Kalimantan Goal Project – Report

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