Kasira SA

Kasira SA

The aim:
To create a brand of teas and healthy products that generate a better quality of life in 2020.

Sub aim:
Distribute Kasira teas through the various channels of distribution in Ecuador by 2020

Project summary
In 2018-2019 we decided to create the Kasira products according to Andean concepts that help bring about a better quality of life.

During this year we have made progress in a number of areas, while at the same time there have been difficulties as far as the question of enterprise in Ecuador is concerned.

The aims that have been fulfilled and financed from funds granted at the Subud World Congress:

  • The development of the Kasira brand was completed, based on a study of marketing, an analysis of the market, and accompanying the “brand essence” of the 4 SKU (stock-keeping units), which was one goal during this period of time. (Picture shows an example of the packaging).

  • The company, KASIRA SA, was legally established, and now has a legal representative and all the necessary documents.

  • Samples were sent to the laboratory (we are awaiting the results) so as to be able to sell them commercially.

  • We have a small tea processor, and so far we are selling samples through the Asociacion Vivir, as we can not do so commercially until it is registered by the health department.

  • It was decided to join forces with “Nutrivital” to ensure a process of better quality.

  • We are purchasing some raw materials from small producers.

Difficulties throughout the year

  • The laws for “functional” foods have just changed in Ecuador, and applying for a registration for natural products has delayed the commercial development.

  • Without the registration we can not have the full amount of packaging printed, which increases the cost of production.

  • Buying from small producers has cost us as far as the quality of the product is concerned, and a percentage of the products was wasted.

The project was financed with funds received during the Subud World Congress in 2018. However, after revising costs, we have realised that the increased costs of the project have not allowed us to advance with the distribution as desired. Even so, the project is moving ahead a lot and with great enthusiasm.

Designs and legalities


Cost $

Legalisation Kasira company


Designs for packaging (4)

$2400 + VAT

Brand Essence

$850 + VAT

Secondary packaging (China )

$250 + VAT

ARCSA health registration

$200 + VAT

Implementation of plant and production

Fee assistant for samples and engineers


Materials for samples


Initial prime materials

$100 + VAT

The photo shows Yolanda, who is our initial assistant. For the moment she dehydrates, cuts and packages. The decision was taken to make it more commercial and register the product with Nutrivital, the family enterprise, that allows us to register the products and place them in supermarkets, chemists, and specialised channels.

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