Off Trail Diary update

Off Trail Diary update

Guillaume Sanchez wrotes:

‘It has now been over 5 years since my Latihan journey began in Puebla. Over the course of these years, it has been quite an adventure of self exploration – and every time I felt I had reached something meaningful, I ended up changing direction. In a way, I really feel like the latihan has guided me on this journey of ‘simple life lessons and experiences’. When my ego seemed to want bigger and greater things, everything else in my being instead told me I was not ready and I needed to reset myself on a new path where I could learn something new. And honestly, once I let go of the idea that greatness = success – and that staying honest with my moral values is the only thing that really matters, then I seem to enjoy life much more.

And during all these years, there is one thing I never gave up: Travel Videos. And because of my unstable lifestyle, I chose to create a project called Off Trail Diary ( This project aims to represent the idea that life, (or at least my life), is an uncertain path with no straight forward direction. It is a story that brings us new experiences packed with life lessons every single day – experiences I enjoy sharing with whoever wants to listen and that I hope will inspire.

At the Subud World Congress 2018, I was granted $2000 for this project. The money was used to invest in new gear that I took with me to NEPAL where I shot my first adventure with no budget, script or film crew. I spent 3 weeks exploring the country with 2 friends – Rodrigo (Subud member) and Charles (non Subud member). And for the last year, I have been working on and off to edit the series which will be online this month (September) – in the form of 4 distinct episodes.

I know one year is a long time, but this project has been so much more than just a series for me. I cannot start to describe how much I have learned through this experience – about myself, about making films, about persistence, about dealing with doubts, expectations and so much more… It has created the foundation of what behaviour I want to have in my life from now on, and interestingly enough, there couldn’t be a better time to release it other than this month, as I have more exciting projects following up right away. So let me tell you what is about to happen for Off Trail Diary this end of year 2019.

– September: Youtube release of The Warrior Within and Nepal Trails of Wonder

– October: FlixBus Vlog Adventures (Belgium -> France -> Spain -> Portugal)

– November: Vlogging in The Gambia (Africa) as a Faces2Hearts ( ambassador for the European Comission

So if you are curious, now is the time to subscribe to my Youtube Channel ( and get ready to discover some of these beautiful countries I’ll be showcasing. The other thing I am working on, is redirecting my storytelling and content towards empowering individuals to live life by more ‘simple’ standards in order to create a future where we care for one another and the world we live in – rather than just strive for what I believe to be an egotistical and outdated version of success.

Besides my personal projects, I am still working on creating content for others which has been another great learning experience. I also have been uploading some of my travel clips on stock footage platforms and managed to sell a few already. Go passive income !

So overall, it’s the gear that really helped me achieve all this much faster than if I hadn’t received the grant to buy myself certain useful items, like microphones, a drone, a sturdy tripod, etc., which has also allowed me to create a part-time, freelance, business. Now the engine is getting ready for the race, and I keep moving forward with great pleasure, hoping to always be connected with the latihan – and in line with what my mother taught me while she was on this earth. That is all I can really ask from God đŸ™‚

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