Osanna Vaughn to Coordinate Project Showcase at Congress.

Osanna Vaughn to Coordinate Project Showcase at Congress.

SESI Editor Harris Madden reports on a program that will allow Subud members to pitch project ideas / proposals for a share of US $100,000.

On behalf of SESI, past WSA Chair Osanna Vaughn will coordinate the program at World Congress. The funds have been made available by Usaha Mulia BV, a company associated with SESI.

Projects of all kinds will be eligible and particularly those that align with the activities of one or more of the Wings including SESI, SDIA, SICA, SIHA and SYA.

Hadrian Fraval, Chair of SESI and a director of Usaha Mulia, explains, “We are hoping to build on the success of a similar smaller program that we ran at Basara and which involved all four of the wings working closely together. We are not really making grants, we’re making ‘investments’ in the sense we are investing in people.”

Osanna says, “I’m really delighted to be part of this program that is focused on supporting members putting their talents in to practice in all kinds of fields. Members bringing projects will have the opportunity to workshop and refine their project ideas at Congress with mentors from each of the wings. Projects will be presented in a forum open to everyone towards the end of the Congress.”

The criteria for the project showcase will be published early next year to give people an opportunity to work on their ideas and presentations before they come to Congress. There will be an emphasis on young people but, unlike Basara, this project showcase will be open to people of all ages. Expansion of projects that are already in existence or where efforts have been made prior to the Congress will also be favoured. Project presentations will be evaluated by a panel of experts made up of representatives of all the Wings.

See more information about the projects initiative in the article by Hadrian in this edition of SESI news.  And keep your eye out for information to be published early next year.

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