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We opened our multi-media PlayScape-Interstellar playground on December 20th, 2018 at Gandaria City Mall in South Jakarta, not far from Wisma Subud. PlayScape has a one year contract at this mall and it’s the second time that we have setup a PlayScape interactive playground since the project’s inception in April 2018. For this new playground installation we have added many new attractions including three interactive Epson projectors, which we purchased with the help of SESI funding. Part of that, funding also went into purchasing computers and Xbox Kinect sensors.

There were many challenges and issues trying to launch PlayScape at this new venue as it is a significantly larger area (600sqm) than our first installation. We also invested more in the fit-out and built new playground apparatus such as interactive colour light table, optic fiber sensory lighting and bench, pressure sensitive colour light pads, Theremin sound pod and a glowing ball pit dome.

Since opening in December we have had over 1000 people come through PlayScape-Interstellar. Other good news is that Epson are part-sponsoring PlayScape and have allowed us to purchase projectors at a discounted rate; and they are lending us some of their interactive projectors which are currently being installed.

One of the most important outcomes for us personally is that it has been and continues to be a learning and growing experience inwardly and outwardly. It taught me personally that if I work hard and want something to happen often that very thing does not happen because it is either not the right time or not the right ‘thing’ to want. However, Emmaline and I were able to experience small miracles which may seem insignificant to others, but are proof to us that with continuous prayer and following the latihan, perseverance and hard work and sacrifices, we were helped along the way through obstacles and problems.

Another major outcome for us is bearing witness to the reaction in the children and adults alike that come and visit PlayScape Interstellar. Although we are still far from where we want to be with the educational factor, the current installations and equipment do spark the children’s curiosity and creativity, and we witness children leaving the playground not just physically ‘satisfied’ but also mentally content and happy.

[Playscape was one of the recipients of monies from the SESI $100,000 Project Fund]

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