Project Presentations at World Congress: Hadrian Fraval

Project Presentations at World Congress: Hadrian Fraval

SESI Chair Hadrian Fraval talks about the background to the major projects initiative the wings will collaborate together on at the World Congress in Freiburg.

SESI has been formed to stimulate and assist members to use their talents to form enterprises and, as a result of their efforts, contribute some of their profit to fund the development of Subud through the WSA. There are examples of enterprises that have been successful and are contributing to the WSA: approximately 20% of the WSA budget is funded in this way. However, the current WSA budget is one of subsistence only. We need to increase the WSA budget to meet the growth needs of Subud in the future.

Many of Bapak’s talks encouraged members to carry out activity in their outer lives, that bear witness to their lives being accompanied by their receiving in the Latihan Kedjiwaan. Showing the evidence! But, in reality, this activity does not always get expressed in terms of an enterprise or business.

Many members express their talents in other ways and are not necessarily regarded as being in business. However, whatever activity is chosen to express their talent, there could be an accompanied intention to give some of their reward to the WSA, in recognition of the gift and good fortune they have received from doing the latihan. All of these forms of activity could be regarded as small enterprises. So, where are the larger enterprises Bapak encouraged us to undertake? Everything worthwhile starts small and, if fortunate, will grow. The point is we have to make a start, and if all we can manage at this time is small endeavors, then let’s start something small.

During the last World Congress in Puebla the prospect of the Wings working closer together was proposed. Collectively the Wings represent all the wide variety of activities in our outer lives. Together, they cover the whole of human endeavors in this world. During the last three years we have tried to explore working closer together, and this was evident in the Basara Gathering in Kalimantan last year (2016/2017). There was a change of perception from business (enterprise) to activity. Activity, which could combine elements of all of the Wings, to result in an outcome. It was a refreshing way of exploring new ways of working together. Basara was a success and young members came away feeling invigorated, ready to put projects into action. Twelve projects were presented and ten were funded with grants from Usaha Mulia (an SESI company) totalling $10,000.

The World Congress in Freiburg will take place in about six months time. The focus of the Congress is ‘Unity’ and the Wings will be united in the very large Subud Village in Hall 2 of the Freiburg Messe Convention Centre. We will be working together with you to identify worthwhile projects: the objective is for members to prepare project proposals to be presented in the Auditorium. The projects are not limited to only one Wing. They could be existing projects that are looking to grow or new exciting ideas that have potential. We hope that the next six months can be used to explore and develop your project.

Come prepared. Osanna Vaughn has agreed to be the Project-for-Congress-Coordinator. More details about the program will follow in the New Year, and mentoring assistance will be available through one or more of the Wings. This is a great opportunity to be active in an endeavor. Successful projects will share in the $100,000 being funded by Usaha Mulia BV to assist projects to put their vision into practice. Projects will be evaluated by a panel of experts and results will be announced at the end of Congress.

Project Criteria :-

  • Project of a Subud member(s)
  • Incorporating activities of one or more Wings
  • Enhancing the reputation and standing of Subud to the public
  • Intention to make a regular contribution in the future to fund the WSA
  • Inspirational and original
  • Sustainable
  • Meets an unfulfilled need
  • Growth potential
  • Projects involving more than one member will be preferred
  • Projects already operating but looking to expand or develop new areas are eligible
  • Support from at least one of the Wings desirable
  • Getting Mentor input and advice is advisable and encouraged
  • Stating clearly in your proposal what funds are needed and what they will be used for
  • What other funding sources you have obtained
  • Project has direct benefit to Subud
  • Your willingness to share the outcomes of your endeavor in terms of giving an account of how you spent the funds and what the result has been
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