SESI 2014 TO 2018 – Hadrian Fraval writes

SESI 2014 TO 2018 – Hadrian Fraval writes

SESI was given a mandate at the 2014 Puebla Congress, which is on record, and was a continuation of the previous SESI to encourage Subud members to increase their activity in Enterprise. Previously the focus had been to establish large Enterprises which could fund WSA. During our term we had a dual approach: continue encouraging individuals to establish their own Enterprise of a Subud member and, secondly, to make an effort to establish a large Enterprise.

Through our website we published a wide range of articles reporting on the activities by small Enterprises of Subud members. We established Usaha Mulia BV as a vehicle for supporting Entrepreneur activity in Subud and funded the $10,000 and $100,000 project showcases. As a result, 29 projects were supported.The second focus of developing a large Enterprise (500 Mega Watt solar photovoltaic array electric generation system) has been a major focus during the last 4 years. Progress has been slow but we are closer to realizing our objective of being able to present an investable project to members.

Since the Christchurch Congress there has been an increasing resurgence of activity in putting Bapak’s advice regarding enterprises into practice. Since 2010, enterprises have contributed over $700,000 to WSA. We need to do more, but there has been progress. We look forward to the new SESI team continuing to increase the support of Enterprise for WSA and the growth of Subud.

My thanks to Harris Madden and more recently Osanna Vaughn for their stalwart support over the last 4 years.

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