SESI Update

SESI Update

Hadrian Fraval, SESI Chair
It is a question heard being asked at gatherings, or casual conversation; well what has SESI been doing recently?hadrian-newLet’s summarise recent goings on.

  • We have updated the website. Take a look and make your comments, add articles, express your views, share enterprise updates. The News #3 is now out. Hope you enjoy!!
  • Usaha Mulia BV has now been acquired and will be used as an enterprise assistance resource. More news to follow.
  • A new fundraising challenge has been initiated enabling Enterprising individuals and enterprises to get $ for $ matching for contributions to WSA. The matching contribution has a ceiling of $100,000.
  • A Group of entrepreneurs called “Experiment 5” are exploring ways of using their business experience to generate significant income for WSA.

Overall you could say that SESI has two main objectives

  • Helping each member by assisting ; identify their talent, be involved in putting their talent into practice, joining with others to form larger groups working together; experience working being accompanied by their inner life.
  • Working with these members in whatever size of enterprise they are involved with, to be successful; and through this success that they contribute to the wellbeing of WSA.

The bottom line is that we individually, and Subud as a whole, have the intention (aspiration) to grow both inwardly and outwardly. It is realised through our work/effort in this world. It recognises the gift of life we have been given, and the progressive understanding we have received through our experience of the latihan, of our connection and relationship with our creator.

Each of us has a part to play. The questions are:

  • “What is it that I am given to do (work on) at this time”?
  • “How can I identify those with whom I can work with to realise this”?
  • “How can I work in harmony with them”?
  • “What is the outcome for me and them, if we can put this into practice”?
  • “What is it within me that prevent me from putting this into practice”?
  • “How can I overcome these obstacles”?

Yes, no-one is saying that this road is easy. It is a challenge, but without making an effort, progress is stunted. Join with me in exploring these questions for yourself.

All the Best

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  • Mursalin New
    Posted at 18:16h, 20 September

    Enterprise is so important to the future of Subud – thanks for the good work Hadrian