Simple Ways to be a Contributor Towards an Enterprising World Congress

Simple Ways to be a Contributor Towards an Enterprising World Congress

Believe in the importance of enterprise? Hadrian outlines six simple ways how you could make a difference in Freiburg.

Most of us go along to a World Congress hoping to enjoy the latihans, to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones. Every Congress takes an enormous amount of work and goodwill to pull together — and SESI invites help from people who would like to contribute to the enterprise’ related program and activities of the Freiburg Congress.

Here are six simple ways you can contribute. We hope you’ll choose at least one of them.

  • Mentors: We are looking for people with particular kinds of experience to allocate a few hours of their time during the Congress to work with entrepreneurs looking for input and guidance. Those people seeking advice will mainly be younger people and many will be preparing to pitch their ideas as part of the $100,000 Project Showcase. But there will be entrepreneurs of all generations and enterprises of all kinds taking the opportunity to seek advice – to test ideas, discuss opportunities and strategy with other likeminded people. It is also an opportunity to Network.
    What kind of experience are we looking for in mentors? You might have general business experience to offer or perhaps you have worked in or with start-ups. You might have experience in a particular domain – like marketing or finance – or in a particular kind of business like technology or FMCG or property. Don’t be tempted to feel you are under qualified – willingness is important and the main qualification is that you believe in the importance of enterprise for Subud and for Subud members.We’ll match the skills and experience of mentors who volunteer with the needs of entrepreneurs and enterprises who express interest. Space within the SESI facilities will be available for meetings. Willingness to commit 3-4 hours over the course of the Congress would be helpful.
  • Sponsorship: Maybe you’d like to help fund or make an in-kind contribution to produce some form of exhibition, display or media relating to enterprise within the SESI area at Congress for members to experience and be inspired by. If you’ve got an idea or if you might like to support one of the ideas we have, let’s talk.
  • Make a Presentation: Do you know just how infectious and inspiring your experience can be to others? We’d love you to make a presentation about your enterprise or project and we’ve got the times and places for you to do just that at the Congress.
  • Lead a Workshop: Perhaps you’d like to lead an enterprise-related discussion. Got something to say? Like to know what others are thinking on the topic? Want to create a network of some kind? Whether it is ten people around a table or a whole auditorium, we’ll help you with the space, time and publicity.
  • Graphics & Production: There are some entrepreneurs and small enterprises especially in developing countries who can’t afford to advertise their business at Congress, let alone attend in person. SESI will make some display space available free of charge for them and we are looking for people with basic graphics and English-language writing skills who can help pull together an A0 poster for such enterprises.
  • Bump-in Bump-out: We are going to need help setting up the SESI area in Halle 2, helping enterprises put up their displays and posters, and generally getting the area ready to be visited by 2000+ people at some point during the Congress. Then we are going to need help to pack it up and pull it all down. If you are able to be available on Friday 27th July and/or on Thursday 9th August, that would be a big help.

If you’d like to contribute and help make an enterprising congress in one of the above ways, or if you have another idea, please contact either Hadrian or Harris by e-mail now and let us know.

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