Subud Communiversity

Subud Communiversity

Peter Jenkin submitted a project to the SESI $100,000 Fund at World Congress, which he called Beyond Basara. He received $4500 towards his initiative, which he is now calling a Subud Communiversity.

He asks the question: Can our major Subud Centres become Campuses in a new kind of Communiversity?

He then explains: The concept is very ambitious, but also very simple. It puts together two things – the development processes that started in 2001 with the Yes Quest in Kalimantan and continued in numerous location up until the recent Project Quest in the Black Forest immediately before World Congress, and our under-utilised real estate around the world; Subud centres at Amanacer in Colombia, Rungan Sari in Kalimantan, Bucelas, Portugal, Atalanta in the US and Orgiva in Spain.

Bring these processes and places together and we could have the basis of a new kind of university, a Comuniversity, where people of different races, religions, cultures and economic levels could live in community and study those things which will be most needed in the future. Not what is taught at most tertiary education institutions today, but …Creativity, Flexibility, Peace Studies, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship…..and the work of the Subud Wings, how to lead a Healthy Life, A Wealthy Life, A Generous Live and an Inspired Life (SIHA, SESI, SDIA & SICA).

Please read Peter’s full article, with the background, build up and next steps for Beyond Basara – a Subud Communiversity

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