Subud Enterprise Goes Into Orbit

Subud Enterprise Goes Into Orbit

A sneak peek at a new app invested in by Usaha Mulia BV that will launch in Freiburg.

At Subud World Congress in Freiburg, Subud members Stewart Horthy, Leo Sedgley & Dahlan Lassalle are launching a Real World Game app called Orbit with the support of Hadrian Fraval – SESI. Orbit’s mission is to enhance a person’s life by increasing their chances of meeting other players that can help them with their hopes, wishes and dreams.

The game is initiated through the player’s device using Orbit and is then played out in the real world, face to face with other players. Orbit guides it’s players to connect with each other, bringing digital connectivity into the physical world to create significant real world interactions.

Orbit aims to launch at the Subud World Congress in Freiburg at the end of July. This presents Orbit with an invaluable opportunity to prove its value and effectiveness as a force for good. With a large number of Subud members from all over the world and together in a single location, Orbit can demonstrate its unique ability to bring people together with shared interests.

Orbit can act as a digital guide to the Subud members attending World Congress, helping them make new friendships and connections with other members they might not otherwise meet. Our intention is that all Subud members that take part in the launch of Orbit will be lead towards a more enriching congress experience.

How can you help? As a part of the development process, Orbit would like to gather as many wishes as possible in advance of the World Congress. We want you to follow this link to our very simple wish gathering form. All you have to do then is to type up to 3 of the things you most wish for in life. They can be related to yourself and your work or your family, community and the world at large. Then click submit. That’s it! We don’t want any other information, your wishes will be completely anonymous.

In sharing your wishes with us, you are not only putting your positive energy into the universe, but you are also helping to create something that will be an exciting part of the Subud World Congress 2018 and a positive presence in the wider world.

Best wishes, Team Orbit

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