Subud Indonesia Forms an Enterprise Company

Subud Indonesia Forms an Enterprise Company

Pak Suwatna, SES National Chair reports on some exciting recent developments in Indonesia.
PakSuwatna“…And because that is so, we need to start enterprises. From the enterprises you establish, you can increase … not just income, but increase the funds for the organization. Consequently, the organization will have enough funds to cover the costs of the helpers’ activities and, if needed, other purposes. This is because people, no matter what, certainly need money, for without money things will not go well, as money is a special strength in people’s lives as they work.

To make it clear, brothers and sisters, from the enterprises we run, we set a percentage of net profits that should be given to the organization, to the committee. … ” Bapak’s talk 81 NYC 5

For the last two years, SUBUD Enterprise Service (SES) Indonesia focused to help Subud members who run small and medium enterprise by conducted training and even provided capital loans to develop the business. Beside to support Subud entrepreneur who already done their business and still need help to develop their business, it is hoped that the entrepreneur who had received the support will set aside their profit for Subud.

SES Indonesia acted as the coordinator between the entrepreneur and the skill training institution, which also managed by SES Indonesia, while for the capital loan, SES Indonesia will link the entrepreneur to the bank or finance institution. Thus, the program is from Subud members to Subud members.

As we all know, run the business is not easily and everything is not always going smoothly. Then SES Indonesia looked for another bigger idea to support Subud Indonesia activities.

According to the National Congress resolution in Anyer, February 2015, the National Committee must set up a legal business entity for enterprise. This legal business is like a holding company of several successful entrepreneurs in SUBUD Indonesia. Some of their profit will go to this company and be used as an operational fund for SUBUD Indonesia activity.

After several meeting, in June 22, 2015, PT Pundi Kencana Mulia was founded in Jakarta, which the same date as the birthday of Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. Pundi means a pot which associates with money, Kencana means gold and Mulia means noble. All the management committee is the current National Committee.

The enterprise’s fruit will be set aside to support for SUBUD activities, both for helpers and organization activity.

Run professional business activity in various fields, e.g. commerce, consulting, industry, management training etc. The business could be own business or cooperative with both non and Subud members.

It is still a long way to make the ideal enterprise, like Bapak said above. However, through this company, we do hope that at least we already make a small step to start. May God always bless our good will to develop Subud and to follow Bapak’s way.

Enterprise Directory of SUBUD Indonesia
At the moment, SUBUD Enterprise Service Indonesia is preparing a directory of SUBUD Indonesia entrepreneurs, which contains entrepreneur contact detail and type of business. This directory can be used for Indonesian members as well as International. It is targeted that this directory will be finish before the 70th Anniversary of SUBUD Indonesia organization, 1st February 2017.

  • Reynold Ruslan Feldman
    Posted at 01:04h, 21 July

    Hebat! Harapan saya sehingga saya bisa membaca Directory itu selekas-lekasnya. Selamat untung, Subud Indonesia.

    Ruslan Feldman
    Subud-Boulder, Colorado, A. S.

  • Fraval Hanafi
    Posted at 07:08h, 22 July

    Congratulations. I hope you put the emphasis on DOING rather than the best structures, frameworks etc. The need is great…