Subud IT Project

Subud IT Project

An Introduction by Robiyato Sumohadiwidjojo.

The Subud IT project was never an easy project to take on from the beginning.

There were always many factors that will eventually come to play on the road for us in completing this pilot project. However, the idea of the project was also too good to not to take on, so there’s no reason why we should not do it.

We dream of building a close social network for Subud Members so it can give them comfort and securities to share their thoughts within an online Subud communities that is not mixed with the community outside. This social network can be the platform to endless possibilities and ideas to be added as a feature, that will aid Subud in running its organization, spread information more rapidly, connecting people though out the Subud World community, but most importantly it belongs to the Subud people and so whatever is in it belongs to us and no else can claim it.

We see how the Subud platform of websites or social media is really confusing, because there’s quite a few websites, and each of them has their own purposes leaving the user sometime either to confuse to use or even don’t bother to get something off because it is not user friendly. We hope we can unify this all into one platform, whether there spaces to be created in the Social Network for working or whether just by simply wanting to interact with other Subud Members all across the world.

When we receive funding from SES, it was in the amount of 2000 USD during Basara, meanwhile we knew from the beginning that this project would need more funding and an extra source of income so we can keep the project going. The funding would not only be needed for the technicalities of constructing the Social Network itself but also to attract other IT professional in Subud or non-Subud that can contribute parts of their time in the project. We figured that the workload would not be light, so in the right manner people should at least get some sort of payment in exchange of the time that they can contribute in the project according to their own capability.

At the moment, we are trying to tie our first profitable project. This project again involves the Subud Community, but for this one we are actually going to be paid for our services and if we manage to organize it well and get the concept right, hopefully the income can at least maintain the development of the Subud Social Network Project. Off course we didn’t forget about our main project, because our main project was the first reason why we are doing this.

We are open for anybody who takes an interest in this type of project, and regarding whether you are a professional in the field of IT or not, we invite anyone who can simply contribute by their thoughts and ideas to what feature should be available and useful to have in the social network, or even in a more technical and advance manner because truly we need all the help we can get. In order to assist such professionals in contributing to our project we have our very own privately hosted Gitlab site (, which acts as our version control system for all the code, content and documentation. It acts a central place for managing our progress and discussions, aiding us in doing multiple projects at the same time. Please also check jasa seo if you are looking for SEO services.

Time in your watch, in your clock at home, or in the most visible way of seeing the sun setting and coming up everyday is always a sign of progress not only in time but in the culture that surrounds us this day. We must admit how the Internet has change the way we live, and as an organization that exist across the World with so many members spread in so many varied location, then to have a media like this will keep the gear moving in the future of this organization. We must not fall behind, and so we must show as an established organization we are capable of creating this kind of environment for our members, so no one will ever feel alone no matter where they are.

Subud IT Project Team:

  • Robiyanto Sumohadiwidjojo (Indonesia)
    Role : Business, Finance, PR
    Number : +62 81297797752
    Email :
  • Sebastian Paco Medina (France)
    Role : IT Engineer
    Number : +33 6 21 83 20 88
    Email :
  • Sree Ram Ganesan (India)
    Role : IT Engineer
    Number : +91 96000 74148
    Email :

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