The $100,000 Projects Fund

The $100,000 Projects Fund

Get ready to pitch your enterprise or not-for-profit project at Congress. Projects associated with any of the wings are welcome. By Osanna Vaughn.

As most readers will know, SESI has made available a $100,000 fund for distribution to projects associated with any of the Wings at World Congress this summer. Projects of all kinds, both for profit and not-for-profit are eligible.

So far, there has been a fair amount of interest expressed, yet most of it has come from socially-oriented project that function on a not-for-profit basis. Many of those projects were concerned by the criteria point suggesting that there should be some kind of financial return for the World Subud Association (WSA), despite the various communiques where it was explained that non-for-profits are in no way excluded. Please click here to review the criteria.

Having said that, I do wonder why so few down-to-earth enterprises have shown an interest so far. To recap some points of what have been published so far:

The current WSA budget is one of subsistence only. We need to increase the WSA budget to meet the growth needs of Subud in the future, including our actions in the world.

Many of Bapak’s talks encouraged members to carry out activity in their outer lives, that bear witness to their lives being accompanied by their receiving in the latihan kedjiwaan. Showing the evidence! In reality, this activity is not always expressed in terms of an enterprise or business. Many members express their talents in other ways and are not necessarily regarded as being in business. However, whatever activity is chosen to express their talent, it could be accompanied by an intention to give some of their reward to the WSA, in recognition of the gift and good fortune received from doing the latihan.

But, where are the larger enterprises Bapak encouraged us to undertake?

Everything worthwhile starts small and, if fortunate, will grow. During the Basara Gathering in Kalimantan last year (2016/2017), the wings shared a change of perception from business (enterprise) to activity. Activity, which could combine elements of all of the Wings, to result in an outcome. It was a refreshing way of exploring new ways of working together. Basara was a success and young members came away feeling invigorated, ready to put projects into action. Twelve projects were presented and ten were funded with grants from Usaha Mulia BV (an SESI Company) totalling $10,000. This led to the idea of a larger version of this concept for the World Congress, where members can present projects to possibly access some of the new fund.

Originally, we were encouraging members to propose projects by May 30, 2018. We recognise that the purpose of setting that date was to encourage members to start thinking and putting ideas together, maybe ask for mentoring help, and so on. However, members will be able to come up with projects as late as during World Congress itself.

Having said that, if you would like some mentoring help with your project, please contact Hadrian Fraval at

If you want to present a project before World Congress itself, please send details to Osanna Vaughn (coordinator) at

Finally, on the World Congress website – – in the Subud Village segment, you can find much more in-depth information about this project.

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