Intan Hakim introduces a new natural product enterprise from Indonesia in which she is a founder along with Nada Salsabila, both pictured below. Here is Intan’s covering letter followed by the company description. Check them out and make an order!

Dear Mr. Hadrian Fraval,

I heard from Tauhid that you are interested to know about SUBUD Youth Enterprises progress so far for SESI Newsletter. Here I attach Tsaibucha’s general company description to give a picture on the company’s vision etc. 🙂

So far since last year, we have achieved some progress that we worked on several months. Me and my friend started this business from scratch with small capital, and a big vision.

Slow but sure, we are trying to reach bigger market. From only reaching Jakarta region, we now can reach some other parts of Indonesia, outside Java. We also expand our market from online store and online e-commerce (Shopee), we already have consignment in several stores in Jakarta, and hopefully we will make another deals to put our products on offline stores to make it more accessible.

We are also trying to improve our product quality, and variety. We already experimented new flavors for our kombucha and we are now having a market test on these new inventions.

We are also working on upgrading our packaging to a more eco-friendly packaging. We already found a vendor that provides biodegradable packaging.

Soon we are going to be certified as Organic product by White Flower Label. This certification is really important on how we can really show that we are using only organic ingredients. These are our realization of the company’s commitment on environment.

Thank you for supporting us, SUBUD Youth enterprises. We really appreciate that. We wish you happiness, always. Have a nice day, Mr. Hadrian! 🙂

Best regards,

Company Description

Tsaibucha is our name. Tsai means tea in Greek, but also means cool in Chinese. Bucha refers to Kombucha, a kind of fermented tea that has known for its health benefits. Basically, our name describes the company’s identity. We have this tagline that really gives a glimpse of our spirit, which is “Let Me Revive You!” and we really do.

Our Brand Logo

These molecules represent colonies of good bacteria in our kombucha. They synergize with our natural systems. That is also how we see this universe works. Just like those molecules, we are all dots that is trying to connect and manifest ourselves to everything.

Our Vision and Goals

Our Company have a vision to grow alongside with nature and back to natural holistic system, with providing balance lifestyle in this postmodern era, in network society[1]. We want to grow our company to reach international market and help so much people. A company that really gives impact on what we believe. We want to build this bonding, with our customers and colleagues that we can synergize and make a good environment to grow.

Our Business Philosophy

Dream of Love. A concept that we made to make the world a better place. We believe that love can be a fuel for everyone to make their dream into reality. We give a dose of this into our product, so you can have a healthier body, mind, and soul. Only with that you can live your life to the fullest, and make your dreams, ideas, and name immortal; passed through from generation to generation.

Just like the dream of love, our product works similar. Because love heals, love grows, love protects, and it is impactful. For you, for me, and every living being. Because what goes around, will come around.

Our Specialty and Competency:

Brewing raw and organic Kombucha is our core competence. With the rising of local product and healthy lifestyle that start to take their role in the market, we see a big opportunity for our company to grow in the future.

  • The way we see the world and universe affect us to role the company. We keep our working environment happy, and encourage our team to explore themselves personally so they give more color to the company.
  • Tsaibucha use organic ingredients and only biotechnology to brew best quality of Kombucha.
  • We use most accessible informational platforms like social media and other interactive application for customer engagement.

Legal Form of Ownership: We start this business as home industry company. We do production and management right from our home. It does not close the possibility that one day we grow into bigger form.

Problem worth Solving

In Urban society, it is not an easy thing to have some free time to take care of our health on daily basis. We usually have tight schedule every day, with high mobility, because as technology and information goes faster and accessible, it affects our society to move faster and get everything in an instant. Even it affects our eating habit. Some people cannot afford making healthy food and drink that give enough nutrition because they have no time, and get any accessible instant food instead. If our body do not get its essential needs continuously, it could be easier for us to get sick and be unproductive. 

Solution & Benefit

Good things take time. We save the time for you, and give you the good thing! How? By providing you Kombucha! A fermented tea beverage that already known worldwide as “Immortal Health Elixir” from 2000 years ago.

With our passed – through generation mother SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria), we ferment sweet local organic oolong tea at home and brew a wonderful drink. We do not add any artificial ingridient to our kombucha and let the biotechnology works for you. We believe that mother nature has the best remedy for any living creature on earth.

Kombucha has probiotics on it, Vit. B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B15), Vit. C , folat acid, glucoronat acid, gluconat acid, acetat acid, chondoroitin acid, hyaluronic acid, lactat acid, natural acetaminophen, amino acid, polifenol, enzym, and other beneficial nutritions.

Kombucha works as an over-all healthy booster for our body. It helps us to detoxify our systems, regenerate our cells, energize our body, boosting our immune system, and helps our body to heal.

With the help of information technology and our spirit of helping more people to live healthier, we bottled up our raw and organic kombucha and deliver it to your home.

Our Team

Meet our team. Chandra Intan Hakim as Founder & COO, and Nada Salsabila as Co-Founder & CEO. A really fun combination of two energetic, creative, and eccentric young ladies. After noticing that we share same passions in life, we started to work on our dreams through Tsaibucha. With Intan’s family’s passed through generation experience on kombucha brewing, Nada’s study on management, and everyone’s support, we believe that we can spread more good to the world!


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