Wawa Illari

Wawa Illari

The Wawa Illari project was a recipient of monies from the SESI $100,000 Project Fund, distributed at the last World Congress in Freiburg.

Project Summary: Wawa Illari is a multi-disciplinary health intervention project for children birth to 3 in eleven very poor communities in rural Peru south of Lima, belonging to the Pachacamac health district, which involves three components: (1) community and home gardens, where Illéne Pevec, PhD, leads the teaching of gardening to grow vegetables and fruits organically at home; (2) mindful nutrition, where Dr. Emilia Garzon of Ecuador teaches the conscientious eating and healthy nutrition that provides the nutrients needed for appropriate child development; and (3) the International Child Development program (ICDP) headed by Nicoletta Armstrong and taught in Peru by Ana Sofia Mazzini and Honorata Herrera. The ICDP methodology aims “to enable children to reach their full potential through relationships with their caregivers”.

Hamida Thomas, executive director of SDIA is a sociologist and obtained the primary funding from Grand Challenges Canada via a program called Saving Brains. The project includes research, in partnership with the Peruvian Ministry of Health, to discover if this multi-faceted intervention improves the health of the 115 children enrolled compared to the 150 children in a control group, who receive normal health care at the local public health clinic.

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