Welcome to the new SESI website

Welcome to the new SESI website

It is nearly 60 years since Bapak arrived in London and started to encourage Subud Members to not only do the Lathan, but also that they should put their latihan into practice using their talents in their outer life

accompanied by their worship of Almighty God. Over the ensuing years there have been successes (see the Success videos from Puebla on this site) and failures.

HadrianFFor many, involvement in “Enterprise”, has been challenging. We have learned (and suffered) a lot along the road. It has not been easy, and yet many members confirm that they have reaped great development and insight from the experience. The journey continues and we are determined to go forward to realise positive outcomes for those involved.

With the revival of the SESI website, we hope to bring you news the many encouraging things happening in enterprise around the Subud world and particularly with young people. Watch this space also for upcoming news about a wonderful digital initiative sponsored by SES USA and led by Susannah Rosenthal.

At the Puebla Congress it was proposed that a company should be set up, outside the WSA organisation, to provide more freedom for the objectives for “Enterprise” outlined by Bapak to be put into practice. These objectives include:-

  • encouraging individuals to identify their talents,
  • help plan projects,
  • providing a framework for a panel of experts to assist individuals or projects in growing their endeavours,
  • advising to optimise growth sustainably,
  • assisting with funding via third party relationships (ideally an associated Bank)

The Company to be used to deliver these objectives is Usaha Mulia BV (UM). UM was originally incorporated in 1974 as a holding Company in the Netherlands to participate and support Subud Enterprises. The companies – Image trading, Fairprint and Fairlight were all supported by Usaha Mulia in the past. In addition, UM was used to hold the Offshore Interests of members in PT S.Widjojo. The company has a long history of serving the Subud membership.

UM has now been acquired. Because neither the WSA or MSF wished to have a direct relationship with or ownership of a company focused on developing enterprises, the shareholding in UM was transferred to Yarralumla Foundation Ltd. Yarralumla Foundation is a not for profit company in Australia with five Trustees who are currently Subud members. The objective of this structure using a not-for-profit entity to hold UM was to reduce ‘self-interest’ to a minimum whilst ensuring that UM remains dedicated to Subud. The directors of Usaha Mulia BV are presently: myself (Hadrian Fraval), Leonard van Willensward, and Samuel Simonsson.

UM will be used to help realise the objectives of SESI and of Subud in relation to enterprises. A website for UM is in preparation and will be commissioned soon.

Hadrian Fraval

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