WSA Chair Nahum Harlap Shares His Thoughts on Centerprises

WSA Chair Nahum Harlap Shares His Thoughts on Centerprises

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been three months now since the world congress, and the new WSA team has been extremely busy getting to grips with our new roles. Most of our time has been spent on the current and 2019 budgets. I shall spare you the details, but the big picture is not pretty.

The missing ingredient, and it has been missing for a while, are Subud-owned enterprises (as opposed to enterprises owned by individuals) that would generate the necessary income for us to be able to provide the services expected of us.

The history of Subud-owned enterprises is sad. It would probably be true to say that we were tempted by the power of the latihan to believe that we are infallible, and we tried to run before we even learned to crawl, with some painful results. The conclusion of most Subud members was to stay away from Subud-owned enterprises altogether.

But, in reality, many groups are involved in an enterprise whether they perceive it this way or not:

Please read Nahum’s full message here

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