Young Peoples’ Initiatives on Show at Basara

Young Peoples’ Initiatives on Show at Basara

Harris Madden reports on the Basara Project Showcase

Hadrian Fraval introducing the showcase

The Basara Youth Gathering was held in Kalimantan over the New Year period from 28 December 2016 until 7 January this year. The young organising team from Subud Indonesia are to be congratulated for a successful and very well run event. More than 150 young people from all around the world came together for a wonderful time.

One feature of the gathering was the Wings working together to offer the ‘Projects Showcase’ as part of the program.

Basara participants were encouraged to put forward ideas and plans for initiatives in one or a combination of four broad areas:

  • enterprise & business,
  • social & humanitarian
  • culture & creativity
  • health & wellbeing

A total of US $10,000 was offered in grants for the best project ideas (funds contributed by Hadrian Fraval).

During the course of Basara, and alongside many other activities taking place, SESI, SDIA, SICA and SIHA provided ‘Wings Stations’ where young people could come, discuss and get advice about their project ideas.

Around fourteen wonderful ideas were presented at the ‘Projects Showcase’ which took place towards the end of Basara and was attended by all participants.

A panel made up of representatives from each of the Wings went away and considered the ideas before making awards.

The panel found it very difficult to make awards because there were so many great ideas proposed and presented across all the fields. In the end, the judging panel spread the available funds broadly.

The projects and initiatives presented included:

  • Roland Fraval: Retreat Concept [Honourable Mention]
  • Mahmud Rogers: Budi2Budi website [Honourable Mention]
  • Guillaume Sanchez: ‘Dance Around the Globe’ TV series [$500]
  • Rosalia (& Audrey) Lonegran: Uplift Singing [$500]
  • Agnes McKingley: Song Writing Project [$500]
  • Rhyana Blakely & team: Children’s International Cook Book [$500]
  • Elias McKingley: Borneo Football Youth Camps [$500]
  • Catarina Graciana Mauretti & team: Subud Storytelling Cafe [$500]
  • Bakhtiar Bustillo & team: Road Safety Initiative in Palankaraya [$1,000]
  • Kibti Martha: Kibti Furniture: [$1,000 loan to be repaid to Congress Performance group]
  • Osanne Delcourt & team: 2018 Congress Performance Project [$1,000]
  • Anwar Lowther & team: ‘Just Fruit’ new clothing brand & label [$1,000]
  • Pierce Vaughn & BPI: Kaliwood Media Training Hub: [$2,000]
  • Robyanto Sumohadiwidjojo & team: Subud IT Services & Congress App [$2,000]

We look forward to seeing these flowers grow.

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