(C)entreprise Presentations Council & Zone 1/2 Meetings

(C)entreprise Presentations Council & Zone 1/2 Meetings

Here is the full presentation of Subud Centerprises given to the council and Zones 1&2 Meetings. Use it also to share with your groups. Click here for the presentation

For more information, join the http://SubudSpaces.Slack.com website on how to manage a Subud center, including a template checklist for planned building maintenance budgeting, a business plan, a marketing strategy, a housing handbook, sample agreements, etc. To join, contact Raynard von Hahn <SubudSpaces(at)gmail.com>


Manara is a Subud enterprise started recently in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Manara means lighthouse in Arabic. And this is the story of how Manara began.
This is the inspiring story of how the purchase of one house in a low cost neighbourhood as accommodation for students led to others being purchased and a Subud (C)enterprise developing.

Charming designs! Much of the work, carpentry, electrical work, and gardens have been done by Subud members.

Check out the full article here.

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